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Wolf Moon is the perfect cozy fragrance for the cooler months. The mix of Amber and Vanilla oils has the unusual power to be both seductive and innocent all at the same time.  This blend is sensual and soothing...romantic and sexy...comforting and warm.


Each bottle of Wolf Moon Perfume houses two powerful crystals for an extra dose of magic...Clear Quartz and Herkimer Diamond.


Herkimer Diamonds are known to unblock stale energy, boost your creativity and are useful for achieving your goals and desires. Herkimer Diamonds also have a powerful connection to the angelic realms. Clear Quartz is the Queen of the crystal kingdom! When in doubt, always go with Clear Quartz. She will amplify your energy and smooth out any stresses that have been built up.


Each bottle is hand poured into a ½ oz glass roll on bottle with a gold cap.

Wolf Moon Perfume

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